Porto Said is celebrating Earth Hour

As we continue to adapt our lives to the impacts of COVID-19, Earth Hour 2022 calls for prioritizing nature-based solutions to build back better post-COVID-19, celebrate the vital role played by the natural world in all our lives – from nourishing us with food, water and fresh air to providing livelihoods for many millions.Porto Said is celebrating Earth Hour

In light of showing support to the green and sustainable environment, Porto Said Resort & Spa were happily announcing their participation and support to the Earth Hour in paying back to the community through setting an unmistakable sign for more climate protection. The hotel celebrated the remarkable event by creating awareness among the employees and guests with the importance of climate change, and the urge that all the individuals and communities should take an environmental action. Therefore, the hotel switched off the lights for one hour at 8:30 Cairo Local Time on March 26,2022 and the employees along with the guests gathered for a group photo to document the prominent Earth Hour cause

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