The Middle East will run with the world through the “Wings For Life World Run” App

The world’s biggest running event, the Wings for Life World Run, connects runners and wheelchair users globally with a fun, unique format and compelling charitable objective. People around the world participate simultaneously – each at their own pace, with their own goals – and together they help the Wings For Life charitable foundation to find a cure for spinal cord injury, because 100 percent of entry fees go to spinal cord research.

On May 8th people from the Middle East will be running for those who cannot at the same time with most cities around the world—spanning day, night, winter, and summer—in 13 time zones across the six continents, and with no finish line.  In the global “Wings for Life” World Run, all runners and wheelchair users start at exactly the same time, precisely at 11 am UTC. Thus, the race will start at 2 pm in Jeddah, Doha, Kuwait, Beirut, and Amman, 3 pm in Dubai and Muscat, 10 pm in Tokyo, and 7 am in New York.

Participants can run as far as they can until the Catcher Car or Virtual Catcher Car passes them. And they will be doing all that running not only for themselves but for a good cause.

A unique running style: a “Catcher Car” as a moving finish line

Another special feature is that the participant is able to run for as long as possible, not towards a fixed finish line. How does it work? Thirty minutes after the start signal, the “Catcher Car” begins to move and gradually ups its speed, passing one participant after another until the winner is the only one left. The special thing about this is that everyone who partakes in the Wings for Life World Run will be able to finish the race.The Middle East will run with the world through the “Wings For Life World Run” App

Participating through the App

You have the option of running individually, or you can join an App Run Event near them. Just download the Wings for Life World Run App to your phone and register for May 8, 2022. You’ll start at the same time as everyone else in the world and will be chased by a Virtual Catcher Car. The App will keep you updated by telling you how far ahead you are and telling you when you are eventually caught. Then your race is over, and you’ll see your result on the Global Result List. Why not give it a go?

Register for the Wings for Life World Run at and download the Wings for Life World Run app from the Apple or Google Play Store.

All proceeds from the race will go to support the Wings for Life Foundation in its quest to find treatment for spinal cord injuries, scientific research, studies, clinical trials and prevention methods, and scientific communication.

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