Local and International Stakeholders Come Together at EVIS

Inaugurated by H.E. Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

Abu Dhabi May 2022: EVIS has launched their first edition in Abu Dhabi, on the 23rd of May 2022, bringing together more than 90 experts in academy, investment, regulations and policies in the EV industry.

The summit was inaugurated by H.E. Suhail Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure.

More than 35 exhibitors have participated in the summit, including key players in the EV industry such as the Emirati company “Al Damani”, Emirates Transports, Tesla, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Al Masood, NEV Investment, among many others.

More than 23 new cars were displayed at EVIS for the first time in the MENA region, assuring the steady steps the UAE is taking towards sustainable transportation.

Local and International Stakeholders Come Together at EVIS

Two major Memorandum of Understanding were signed on the sideline of the summit, both involve private sector, featuring key components such as EV manufacturing, operations, research and others, more Memorandums are to be signed between government and private sectors on both local and regional scales in the remaining two days of the summit.

The summit program included 7 lectures and seminars featured by expert speakers from around the globe, the topics covered included open discussions about challenges and opportunities in the EV industry, especially those related to infrastructure and regulations, triggering the potential collaboration between government and private sector to enhance the industry.

On their role as Nirvana Holding, EVIS organizers, Mr. Alaa Al Ali, CEO, commented: “We are very proud to take the lead in such a huge event, this will not only bring investors to contribute to the country economy, but also goes in line with UAE strategy towards a sustainable future”

He added: “We, as an organization with our headquarters in Abu Dhabi, believe in our responsibility to work in the light of UAE leadership vision and values, the first edition of EVIS is a proof that the UAE is always the first to support initiatives that make real difference”

Mr. Naser Al Bahri, Director of EVIS, said: “We are very pleased to have come this far in our project, especially with the big support from our partners both in the government and private sectors. We are confident that the coming editions are to be bigger in terms of size and contribution whether locally or internationally. Moreover, we are very happy that the summit was very interesting for our visitors, given that we have received hundreds of visitors on day one and from different ages and industries. Hoping that this year’s edition is the solid ground to expand next year and the years to come”

About Nirvana Holding:

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