Eurofragance Showcases Game-changing Sustainable and User-friendly Innovations at the DETEX Fair

Barcelona, Spain

  • The fragrance house brought Home Care sustainable solutions, air fresheners, top-performing and cost-effective fragrance delivery systems to the international event in Jordan.
  • It was Eurofragance’s second participation in the fair.
  • The company keeps expanding the Home Care category in the region.

Eurofragance, a leading international fragrance house, exhibited its latest Home Care innovations at DETEX, the biggest event in the field of detergents in the Middle East, in Amman, Jordan, held between May 22 and 24.

Barcelona-headquartered Eurofragance, present in the Middle East for 31 years since the very first moment the company launched, took advantage of the global gathering of Home Care and Fabric Care experts to showcase its delivery systems, air fresheners and malodor control technologies.

Antoine de Riedmatten, Global Business Unit Director, Fine Fragrance and General Manager IMEA, operating from Dubai, says, “Our latest innovations represent a significant progress in fragrance encapsulation and position Eurofragance squarely on the fragrance technology front.”Eurofragance Showcases Game-changing Sustainable and User-friendly Innovations at the DETEX Fair

Eurofragance’s capsules are designed to be used primarily in the fabric care category. Because these are loaded with highly compacted perfumes, they deliver high performance when most desired, in a very cost-effective manner. EuroCaps-P20 was demonstrated to release perfume on consumers’ laundry for up to 90 days after a wash. Furthermore, Eurocaps-P20 are biodegradable and already comply with the toughest upcoming regulations. An additional major benefit of these capsules is its remarkable ease of formulation, especially in softener bases.
Eurofragance’s team of in-house technical experts’ design malodor-counteracting technologies that either reduce the perception of bad smells or eliminate them at the source. The company presented their affordable and easy to use technology that eliminates odors associated with smoking tobacco, ideally suited for products in Air Care (aerosol format), Fabric Care (spray format) and even Hair Care (sprays and conditioner). Eurofragance also showed their game-changing fragrance technology that works instantly to stop foul odors by reacting with them at the source. Available in liquid soap, bar soap or even dishwashing liquid, the company offers a simple, yet technologically advanced, a chance to rid the hands of food odors such as fish, garlic and onion.

The young multinational also underlined its expertise in the air freshener sector focusing on water-based fresheners and environmentally-friendlier pumps and sprays. For the local market, Eurofragance is also a leading developer of bakhoor fragrances – both traditional or reinterpreted with a modern twist.

Olegario Monegal, Global Business Unit Director, Home and Personal Care says, “Our sustainable and user-friendly innovations are game changers. We offer real, straightforward solutions to the industry, which consumers love. While this is our second time at DETEX, we have been growing our business in the region since 1990. Since that time, we have become a regional powerhouse in the fragrance and Home Care categories. We look forward to keep meeting old partners and new ones in Jordan and in the Middle East region, and taking the time to explain how our different perfumes and technologies will help manufacturers support various consumer benefits, ranging from hygiene, care, freshness and more.”

Eurofragance’s participation at the fair was an opportunity to present their fragrance technologies and straightforward product solutions in the Home Care category.

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